Galvanized Steel Coil/Sheet(GI)

Galvanized steel is a surface treatment technique that coats a layer of zinc on the surface of a metal, alloy or other material for aesthetics, rust prevention, and the like. The main method used is hot-dip galvanizing. Zinc is easily soluble in acid and soluble in alkali, so it is called an amphoteric metal. Zinc hardly changes in dry air. In moist air, a dense zinc carbonate film is formed on the zinc surface. In the atmosphere containing sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and marine, the corrosion resistance of zinc is poor, especially in the atmosphere containing high temperature and high humidity containing organic acid, the zinc coating is easily corroded. The standard electrode potential of zinc is -0.76V. For steel substrates, zinc coating is an anodic coating. It is mainly used to prevent corrosion of steel.

Zinc Coating:
  • Dx51D,Dx52D,Dx53D,DX54D,etc
  • Shanghai AIYIA Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shanghai AIYIA Industrial Co., Ltd. produces high quality galvanized metal and exports a wide range of galvanized steel coils/sheets/plates/strips.The monthly output is large, which can meet the large demand of customers, the price is favorable, and the quality is guaranteed.

What Is Hot-Dip Galvanizing ?

Hot-dip galvanizing is the reaction of molten metal with an iron substrate to produce an alloy layer, thereby combining the substrate and the plating layer. Hot-dip galvanizing is to pickle iron and steel parts first. In order to remove iron oxide on the surface of iron and steel parts, after pickling, it is cleaned in an ammonium chloride or zinc chloride aqueous solution or a mixed solution of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride. , And then sent to the hot-dip plating bath. Hot-dip galvanizing has the advantages of uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life.

galvanized steel coils

Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized Steel Strip

Galvanized Steel Strip

Galvanized Steel Sheet

Galvanized Steel Sheet

Roofing Sheet

Roofing Sheet


Product Name

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel (HDGi)


SQ CR22(230),SQ CR22(255),SQ CR40(275),SQ CR50(340),SQ CR80(550),CQ,FS,DDS,EDDS,SQ CR33(230),SQ CR37(255),SQ CR40(275),SQ CR50(340),SQ CR80(550);
or Customer’s Requirement




0.12-6.00 mm,or customer's requirement


600-1500 mm,according to customer's requirement

Technical Standard

EN10147/EN10142/DIN 17162/JIS G3302/ASTM A653

Zinc Coating


Surface Treatment

Passivation(C),Oiling(O),Lacquer sealing(L),Phosphating(P),Untreated(U)

Surface Structure

Normal spangle coating(NS),minimized spangle coating(MS),spangle-free(FS)

Quality Approved by SGS
Authentication ISO9001:2008



Coil Weight

3-20metric ton per coil


water proof paper is inner packing,galvanized steel or coated steel sheet is outer packing , side guard plate,then wrapped by seven steel belt.or according to customer's requirement

Structure Layer Diagram

Structure Layer Diagram

Galvanized Steel Surface Structure


normal spangle coating


minimized spangle coating



spangle-free coating

Production Process 


Hot-dip galvanizing process: finished product pickling-washing-addition of plating solution-drying-hang plating-cooling-medication-cleaning-polishing-hot-dip galvanizing is completed.

Main Features 

1.Anticorrosive:13 years in heavy industrial areas,50 years in the ocean,104 years in the suburbs and 30 years in cities.

2.Cheap:The cost of hot-dip galvanizing is lower than that of other coatings. 

3.Reliable:The zinc coating is metallurgically bonded to the steel and forms part of the steel surface,so the coating is more durable.

4.Strong toughness:The galvanized layer forms a special metallurgical structure that can withstand mechanical damage during transportation and use.

5.Comprehensive protection:Every part of the plated piece can be galvanized,and is fully protected even in depressions,sharp corners,and hidden places.

6.Save time and energy:Galvanizing process is faster than other coating methods.

 Our Base Steel 

Galvanized Steel Coil/Sheet(GI) base steel supplierWe choose high-quality raw materials. Our base steel comes from Baosteel, Shougang, etc., and our coating materials come from Nippon, Aksu and other well-known international brands.

Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Factory

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Galvanized Steel Coil/Sheet(GI)

 Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Production Line

     Galvanized Steel Coil/Sheet(GI)

Quality Inspection


Product Packaging

STEEL pakge

What Is Electrogalvanizing ?

Electrogalvanizing is a process in which a layer of zinc is bonded to steel in order to protect against corrosion. The most commonly used electrogalvanized cold rolled steel is SECC steel.
zinc coated steel

Main Feature

1. Good anti-corrosion performance, combined with meticulous and uniform, it is not easy for corrosive gas or liquid to enter the interior.

2. Since the zinc layer is relatively pure, it is not easy to be corroded under the acid or alkali environment. Effective protection of steel body for a long time.

3. Various colors are formed after passivation with chromic acid, which can be selected according to customers' preferences. Galvanized is beautiful and decorative.

4. The zinc coating has good ductility, and it will not fall easily during various bending, handling and impact.

Production Process

Electrogalvanization process: chemical degreasing-hot water washing-water washing-electric degreasing-hot water washing-water washing-strong corrosion-water washing-galvanized iron alloy-water washing-water washing-light extraction-passivation-water washing-drying.

Production process diagram of electro galvanizing


Produdct name Electro galvanized steel coil/shhet
Thicknesses 0.4-3.0 mm
Width 600-1800 mm
Length According to customer requirements
Grade EN 10152/DC01+ZE/DC03+ZE/DC04+ZE/DC05+ZE/

Electro Galvanized Steel Coil 

Electro Galvanized Steel Coils

Electro Galvanized Steel Sheet 

Electro Galvanized Steel sheet

Electro Galvanized Steel Strip 

Electro Galvanized Steel Strip

Electro Galvanized Steel Packaging  

Electro Galvanized Steel Pakage

Cutting of Electro Galvanized Steel 

Electro galvanized steel coil

Electro galvanized steel coil

Electro galvanized steel sheet

Electro galvanized steel sheet

 Our Base Steel 

Galvanized Steel Coil/Sheet(GI) base steel supplier    


STEEL pakge

The steel strips supplied according to the standard are usually applied with common rustproof oil film, which can be swept away with alkali solution. The supplier guarantees that the oiled products will be free from rust under normal packing, transportation, loading and storage conditions within 6 Months, the approved delivery date. However, product without oil coating can also be subject subject to statement in the contract reached after discussion between the user and the supplier.

Product Transportation 

aiyia Product Transportation

We offer different modes of transport depending on the customer's destination:rail transport and ship transport.The Shipping Mark shall consist of:Trade mark,Seller's name,Product name,Applicable standards,Specifications,Package No,Contract No,Heat No,Color,Production date,Weighing method,Net weight,Gross Weight,Consignee and Protection symbols,etc..

Quality Certification


Contact information

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Guide For Ordering Products

A user need provide the following information while placing order
   01.Product designation (steel plates or strips)
   02.Product standard number
   03.Steel grade
   04.Product specification and size accuracy (incl. thickness, width and length)
   05.Edge status
   06.Surface quality level
   07.Flatness accuracy
   08.Type, coating weight and surface treatment in case of coated products
   09.Surface structure in case of hot dip galvanized products
   11.Packing method
   13.Other special requirements

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