Tinplate (SPTE), also known as tinplate, is a tin-plated iron sheet on both sides, which is a cold-rolled low-carbon steel sheet that is rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and non-toxic. Mainly used in the production of metal packaging, including canned food, beverages, chemicals, medicine, hygiene, paints, paints, sprays, cosmetic bottle caps, etc.

tin content:
modulation system:
thickness tolerance:
  • T1-T5

Shanghai AIYIA Industrial Co., Ltd. supplies various specifications of tinplate.
Double reduced tinplate: DR8 DR550 73 550+70, DR9 DR620 76 620+70, DR9M DR660 77 660+70, etc.
Single reduced tinplate: T1 T50 52 330 , T2 T52 52 350 , T2.5 T55 55 , T3 T57 57 370,T4 T61 61 415,T5 T65 65 450, T6 T70 70 530, etc.

What Is Tinplate?

 tinplateTinplate(SPTE/ETP) is a common name for electroplated tin steel sheets, which refers to cold-rolled low-carbon steel sheets or strips coated with commercial pure tin on both sides. Tin mainly acts to prevent corrosion and rust. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solderability and aesthetic appearance of tin in a material with corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, high strength and good ductility.Tin-plate packaging has a wide range of coverage in the packaging industry because of its good sealing, preservation, light-proof, ruggedness and unique metal decoration charm. Because of its strong antioxidant, diverse styles and exquisite printing, tinplate packaging container is popular with customers, and widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, commodity packaging, instrument packaging, industrial packaging and so on.


Coating Structure


Production Process 


Main Features

1. Low pollution: tinplate, the main raw material in tin can containers, is in fact environmentally harmless and can be decomposed naturally. Because when tin can exist in the environment, it can be oxidized naturally and returned to the original state of iron oxide, thus returning to nature, so the stacking of scrap iron can be decomposed by time and will not cause environmental pollution. Dyed. At the same time, making iron can not cut down trees, and do not damage the ecological balance.
2. Recyclable: The iron can itself has a characteristic that other packaging materials do not have - can be adsorbed by magnets, so that the iron can can be separated from the waste by magnetic force by magnetic separator, using this characteristic can easily achieve the effect of recycling 80% of the iron can in waste. The invention of environmental protection cover not only makes the use of iron cans safer and healthier, but also effectively reduces the amount of garbage, and has direct and obvious benefits for recycling operations.
3. Provide resources: In the removal of other contaminated residues on iron cans, the shredder equipment has been developed, which can effectively remove more than 98% of the pollutants and provide scrap iron with good quality.


Grade Prime
Annealing BA  CA
SIZE  thickness:0.135-0.5mm
width :600-1050mm
TEMPER T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,DR7;DR8;DR9;TH550;
COATING 1.1/1.1  2.0/2.0  2.8/2.8  2.8/5.6 
5.6/5.6  8.4/8.4 11.2/11.2 g/㎡
TFS coating 80-100 g/㎡
FINISH Stone,Bright,Silver
PACKING Standard export packing.
or according to customer's requirements.
PAYMENT T/T  or  L/C or D/P
WEIGHT 6--25ton/coil
Oiling DOS  

Product Display 


Production Line



Tinplate-packaging coil/sheet

The steel strips supplied according to the standard are usually applied with common rustproof oil film, which can be swept away with alkali solution. The supplier guarantees that the oiled products will be free from rust under normal packing, transportation, loading and storage conditions within 6 Months, the approved delivery date. However, product without oil coating can also be subject subject to statement in the contract reached after discussion between the user and the supplier.

Product Transportation

aiyia Product Transportation

We offer different modes of transport depending on the customer's destination:rail transport and ship transport.The Shipping Mark shall consist of:Trade mark,Seller's name,Product name,Applicable standards,Specifications,Package No,Contract No,Heat No,Color,Production date,Weighing method,Net weight,Gross Weight,Consignee and Protection symbols,etc..  


AIYIA CertificateAIYIA Certificate

Customer Friends From All Over The World

AIYIA Customer Friends From All Over The World

Guide For Ordering Products

A user need provide the following information while placing order
   01.Product designation (steel plates or strips)
   02.Product standard number
   03.Steel grade
   04.Product specification and size accuracy (incl. thickness, width and length)
   05.Edge status
   06.Surface quality level
   07.Flatness accuracy
   08.Type, coating weight and surface treatment in case of coated products
   09.Surface structure in case of hot dip galvanized products
   11.Packing method
   13.Other special requirements

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